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Universities for Healthcare Administration Degrees

The American healthcare industry comprises one of the largest sectors of the economy. From small clinics to multi-state HMOs and hospital systems, qualified administrators plan, coordinate and oversee finances and the delivery of care every step along the way. Colleges, universities and medical trade schools offer online health administration degrees in USA from the associate’s to the doctoral. Healthcare administration degrees online comprehensive guide to helps students evaluate the pathways into the profession. Included is an overview of the kinds of healthcare administration degrees online available and the curricula that make up the programs.

Suitable for Students and Work Professionals

Healthcare administration associates degree online program is well suited for students who have family and work obligations that make it impossible to relocate for schooling. The online degree program in health administration contains much the same academic coursework and degree requirements as its campus and hybrid cousins. However, virtual learning requires dedication and determination to stay abreast of assignments and project deliverables based on a self-determined schedule. Lectures are streamed and student interactions conducted via chat and email threads.

Healthcare Administration Degrees Online Ideal for Working Professionals

Many post-graduate healthcare administration online degree programs are ideal for people already working in the profession. An online associate degree in health administration typically takes two years to complete and prepares graduates to find entry level positions with healthcare providers including hospitals, clinics, community health centers and long-term care facilities. Coursework in associate degree health administration programs covers the range of skills for entering the healthcare field, including healthcare practices, regulatory laws, technology, terminology, administrative procedures, basic anatomy and physiology. Students can survey their career options and determine whether they want to enter the field upon graduation or return to college to complete a related online healthcare bachelor’s degree.

4 Year Health Care Administration Degree Program

The online four-year bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration is designed for students who plan to work on the business side of the healthcare industry in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, non-profit organizations and medical manufacturing firms. Online Health Administration Degree and public health programs help you to lead and make a difference. Pursue an associate degree or bachelor’s degree in healthcare and medicine online, around your busy schedule. Explore the top schools of 2017 today for study in Healthcare administration degrees online.

Affordable Online Universities for Health Care Administration Degree

This list represents the 26 most affordable online schools offering bachelor’s degrees in healthcare administration.


Rank                College                                                                              Annual Tuition

#1                    Central Methodist University                                              $7,750

#2                    Columbia College                                                                   $8,700

#3                    Southern New Hampshire University Online                    $9,600

#4                    Florida International University                                          $9,893

#5                    Dakota State University                                                        $10,050

#6                    Granite State College                                                             $10,050

#7                    Montana State University-Billings                                        $10,440

#8                    Washburn University                                                              $10,912

#9                    Baker College Online                                                                $11,250

#10                  Old Dominion University                                                         $11,250

#11                  Jackson State University                                                         $11,346

#12                  University of Minnesota-Crookston                                       $11,530

#13                  Rasmussen College Online                                                       $11,700

#14                  University of Louisiana-Monroe                                             $12,000

#15                  Graceland University                                                                $12,305

#16                  Mercy College of Northwest Ohio                                            $12,360

#17                  Concordia University-Saint Paul                                              $12,600

#18                  Ohio Christian University                                                          $12,600

#19                  Limestone College                                                                       $13,020

#20                  St Petersburg College                                                                 $13,223

#21                  State College of Florida-Manatee-Sarasota                            $13,262

#22                  Buena Vista University                                                               $13,472

#23                  Davenport University                                                                  $13,500

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