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Health problems related to stress

Health problems related to stress

Depression, sadness, loss of confidence, anxiety, frustration, are definitely not new to listen. These are complains of almost one or the other person you may know. Maybe it’s you who really trying hard to figure it out by finding the solution towards your mental stress. Any form of mental stress you are passing through can have sometimes intense and dangerous effects on your body. Many of us leading a stressful life daily and definitely can have significant effects on the physiology of our body. Consistent stress and overtime stress on our body may ensure to plant seeds in our body which results in to dangerous diseases and unpredictable damages to our body. Today we will talk about some of the effects that can be the resulted by the stress. Here are some of the most prominent one:
Stress can make your heart muscles work harder it also increases your blood pressure which in turn causes the release cholesterol and triglycerides into the blood stream and lead you towards the bunch of heart diseases or heart attack.
Stress doesn’t cause stomach ulcers but make them worse than ever. Most of the patients with chronic heart burn and irritable bowel syndrome all have a common factor called stress.
Stress augmented aging up to 9-17 years in your original one. Stress affects the body on cellular level in a way that it diminishes and damages them easier and earlier.
It is stress which causes high extent of hormone called cortical to release which basically do start accumulating fat in the abdomen. Majority of the greatest health risk belongs to the excess fat in your belly region as compare to the fat in your leg or hip region. Fattening also gives you deformed body and further lead you to depression and lack of confidence.
Stress is not only increasing glucose level in the blood stream of people with type|| diabetes but on a general scale stress is the main cause of bad eating habits. According to a research stress will lead people to eat more sugar items.
Headache is basically caused by the increased level of stress. Headache is being triggered by the increased stress which is absorbed by your body in form of tension. Not only tension headache but the most damaging migraine is also because of you.
Depression, frustration and anxiety are directly proportional to the stress level existence within that person’s life. It is no surprise that people having chronic stress conditions will 80% more chance to develop depression, anxiety and have more frustrated behavior towards social marks.
Alzheimer’s disease can be more worsen because of stress. Research approved that lessens of the disease can even slow down the progress of the diseases.
People who are under higher stress levels are more earlier die as compare to the stress free people. There is a great difference; as with 63% more early death ultimatum is there for the stressed ones. So being stress free and happily living will make you feel better and live a better long healthy life

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