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Cancer prevention

Cancer prevention is better than Cure

Advancements change the world entirely by giving a lot ease to the man of this era but disturbing the natural laws on the other hand gives birth to various havocs. It’s as easy to understand our multi-processing advancement creates havocs for the sweetest nature and in regards of this influence nature developed new and most advanced form of challenging diseases for us. Cancer is one of them and it is the world biggest killers we are fighting with. We are not too sure to prevent cancer till date. But altogether research will give us some of the basic tips to incorporate in our living style to stay relatively on the safer side. So believing on the fact that prevention is better than cure let’s seeing how can we safe ourselves and our families from this damaging disease.
One of the worst phases that happen to a human is to diagnose with the cancer. Still we are not too sure about the direct reasons of causing cancer. But according to the research about 1/3 of the cancers are preventable. And three factors are very important genetics, lifestyle and environment. However prevention is largely depend on lifestyle modification.
Avoid cigarette smoking and tobacco intake:
Cigarette contains 700 chemicals which are all not good for health but the worrisome thing is that 70 among them can clearly be the cause of the cancer. Cigarette and tobacco consumption increase real risk of several cancers. Any form of tobacco intake whether you chew or you sniff it stays very harmful. Even secondary smokers the one who present while you are smoking are also inhaling the favorable reasons of cancer production. Cigarette will be the cause of throat lungs or mouth cancer.
Reduce alcohol intake:
Alcohol will be another reason of having cancer. Not even excessive alcohol but drinking alcohol fair enough to create friendly environment for a disease like cancer. It will create liver cancer in future.
Genetically influence:
Regular checkup and screening is very important if you have any family history as some studies shows that genetically sometimes it may get transferred. Especially in case of females breast cancer usually transferred its germs.
Eat Fresh fruits and vegetables:
one should prefer to have food with lesser food miles so it have all of it nutrients available to serve your body. Select food contains antioxidants phytochemicals and a great amount of minerals and vitamins. It makes you cells to stay healthy and in turn prevent cancer.
Physically activeness:
overweight and obesity is somewhere linked with cancer friendly environment. So stay fit will decrease cancer risk in your body avoid sedentary lifestyle and exercises daily or at least try to be physically active.
Get vaccines:
advancement refers some types of vaccines which will make you save from certain cancer formation. So get yourself vaccine with every available one. But remember that before getting vaccine firstly asks your physician. As his advice matter a lot.
Well there is no absolute guarantee to get save from cancer development but if followed the above tips it may reduce the risk up to 50% of developing cancer.

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