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Bael Fruit or Aegle Marmelos

Bael is the most common name of Bael fruit and botanically it is called as Aegle Marmelos. This fruit belongs to India and is frequently used in not only India but China and all among the Southeast Asia. It’s somewhat resembles with the coconut and wood apple. All you have to smash it a bit hard to open it up. Once you will got successful in opening this fruit you may found a blast of brownish golden pulp inside it. The best part is likewise the shades of the pulp, taste is also uneven within it. Every layer seems to bound with your different taste buds. Flesh of the bael fruit is soft and caramel like. Melted inside the mouth gives you a wonder of splendidness. The outer pulp is like a yolk and so creamy but inner on is bitter caramel and like a pudding in texture. It is very similar to wood apple and it has an after taste like some woody thing. It also has seeds in it and it is very hairy in texture. Beyond the yummiest taste of the fruit it will packaged with a lot many of the nutrients which are very useful for the health.

Bael Fruits





Some of its benefits are as follows:

Benefits of Bael Fruit or Aegle Marmelos

  • Bael fruit is the potential controller between the insulin levels in blood and glucose existence. Though it is sweet in taste like honey but it has the effectiveness to behave positively towards disease like diabetes.
  • Bael fruit is a digestion helper. It reliefs the digestive tract for facing a lot of ups and downs by its beneficiary effects. It not only prevent diarrhea but also prevent constipation. So for a well processed digestion routine bael fruit is a must. It help to maintain the digestion criteria to its best.
  • Bael fruit is a great fruit which work as a safeguard toward respiratory diseases right from the small ones to the chronic ones. It helps to cure sore throat, frequent colds and many more. So you are facing any of the respiratory disorder then Beal fruit is a must.
  • Bael fruit is packaged with very important nutrients like thiamin Ribo–flavin and beta carotene. They have many good effects on the liver health. These two nutrients are behaved as liver health boosters.
  • It provides rich accumulation of Vitamin C within it. Which helps the immune system of the body to get strengthen. It helps your body to get rid of diseases earlier and regeneration more speedy. It keeps the cellular health in a better condition.
  • Bael fruit is a great ingredient for toxin cleanser tea. It helps to remove blood toxins and cleanse it properly thus reducing a lot of stress from the cleansing organs like kidneys and liver. And gives the body and skin a better effect.
  • The body could able to attain high energetic mode by having only one bael fruit as it has a lot of calories provided by its pulp. It helps to restore body energy levels and enhance the body for more high potency activities. Bael fruit stores have high levels of high protein in it. So bael fruit is a best protein food before workout and it tends the muscle regeneration faster.

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