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Avocado Nutritional Facts

Avocado Nutritional Facts and  health benefits

Trends change not only in clothing or gadgets but also in the food scenarios as well. It’s you who adopt the best of everything in case of clothes comfort level should the utmost reason behind following any trend but when it comes to foodie inclination you must notice that what you are eating. Eating routines followed by anyone needs serious painstaking selection not just blindfold oneself before catchy and prominent trends of current time. Today we are going to tell you about an amazing fruit you may know as avocado. Let’s talk about the nutritional realities of avocados so that it may help you to select the best for you.
Well simply avocado is a composition of major threesome elements on a simplified note. Avocado has healthy fats i.e. saturated fats in it. Three quarter of it comprises of healthy fats. These saturated fats that exist in avocado are basically oleic acid. They are considered as good fats because they are helpful to lowers the bad cholesterol level and reduces the chance of heart stroke. These fatty acids are good for the reduction of obesity as they are the ones needed by the body to dissolve already existed fat accumulation.
Avocado has 4 grams of protein in it which is much more than any other fruit. Protein is needed by the body and helps you feels fresher. It is needed a lot if you are an exercise person.
Avocado is very low in sugar comparatively to other fruits as it contains 2.2 grams of sugar in one half of it and that is very low as compare to other fruits. Every food contain sugar so usually every day we intake more of it as compared to what we needed. So in that stream a fruit with low sugar is nevertheless a great gift od nature.
Avocado is a very good source of potassium so forget bananas if you need potassium its avocado what you need. Moreover it is a very good source of vitamin B6, vitamin B9, vitamin K, vitamin E, vitamin B5 and vitamin C. In addition it also has a lot of minerals in it.
If we talk about fiber existence in avocado then in this regard avocado are compose too good to have them daily as it contains 11 grams of fiber which is very close to the intake of fiber needed by your body to work to its best. Fiber is the need of stomach to stay healthier. It is needed for digestion process. And if your stomach is happy then all your body perform to its best.

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